About Better Betta Care

Welcome to Better Betta Care! Thank you for visiting our site, and coming to learn about all things betta. I’m happy that you’re here and would love to share a bit of background.

Our Mission

Better Betta Care was founded to help people to find success in keeping and caring for betta fish. We aim to be a comprehensive resource that is laser focused on betta fish.

If you’re having an issues with your aquarium, trying to find the right tank mates, or just want to learn more about bettas, then you’re in the right place.

Our Team

Ryan Howard, Founder

Ryan is Better Betta Care’s Founder. His enthusiasm for fishkeeping goes back over 20 years. With all of the aquariums that he’s owned and seen, there is no fish that he likes more than the betta. Ryan enjoys sharing everything he knows about betta fish care, so that others can successfully keep these fish too.

Sandie lee Muncaster, Writer

Sandie lee is a long-time fish enthusiast and currently has two long-finned aquatic pals. Her freelance work has taken her across the pet industry niche for over 20 years but her true passion lies with those delightfully zany Betta.