Best Betta Fish Tank

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We know that most pet retailers like to sell uninformed customers inferior habitats for the Betta species. These small, cramped containers may look “cool” but they are unsuitable (and dare we say) cruel for a fish to live out his existence in. 

Maybe you fell “victim” to a salesperson’s pitch, but have decided your beautiful buddy needs an upgrade.

Today, we are going to take a closer look at several of the best Betta fish tanks, so you can make an educated purchase for your fishy friend.

My top choice? The Koller AquaView 360 Aquarium Kit. 

These Betta fish tanks have also made our scrutinizing cut. 

betta fish tank

Here are the Betta fish tanks I will be reviewing

Reviews of the Best Betta Fish Tanks

Check out my top choice and the other contenders.

Koller AquaView 360  

As the name implies, the Koller AquaView aquarium kit allows you to view your fish from all angles. This tall unit is perfect for tight spaces and will bring life to a boring space. It’s made from durable, impact-resistant plastic with no seams to worry about springing leaks. 

The internal filtration system is powerful enough to keep your tank clean, but not so much that your Betta will get pulled into it. Another awesome feature is the LED lighting that is built right into the hood. This system can be put on the timer (included) and set for continuous, 4 or 8-hour options. It even has 7 LED color choices (daylight white, blue, green, amber, aqua, purple, or red). 

The overall 6-gallon design and price point of the Koller AquaView 360 make it a great starter tank or one for a single Betta and a few compatible tank mates. However, do take note that it does not come equipped with a heater and some customers do prefer glass aquariums over the plastic of this model. 


  • Tall with a 360, unobstructed view
  • Made from impact-resistant plastic
  • No seams for leakage
  • 7 LED light options on a timer
  • Hood fits tight to the unit (no gaps)
  • Good filtration system
  • Inexpensive


  • Does not include a heater
  • Plastic, not glass. 

Fluval SPEC Aquarium Kit

This “nano” aquarium is perfect for small spaces, but that doesn’t mean it has disregarded style or filtration – it has both!  This beautiful aquarium features etched glass with aluminum trim, so it will fit any decor and houses a three-stage filtration system (foam block, activated carbon, and BioMax bio rings) to keep Betta’s habitat pristine. The filtration system is also located at the end of the aquarium, so it’s not obtrusive to the overall design.

Fluval SPEC Aquarium Kit also includes an overhanging LED lighting system with 37 bright lamps that will, not only, illuminate your Betta and decor, but is also excellent for encouraging the growth of your live plants. It is mounted slightly above the sliding glass lid, so it won’t be affected by moisture from the tank.

The Fluval SPEC kit is a great choice; however, it does not include a heater and some customers have noted that the filtration may be a bit powerful for slower Bettas, even though it does have adjustable flow control. 


  • Includes mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration
  • Quiet filter
  • Overhanging 37 LED light system
  • Glass lid
  • Compact design


  • Pricey
  • Does not include a heater
  • Filter may be too powerful for slower fish

Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium Kit

Your Betta fish will think he’s landed in paradise with the Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium Kit. This primo system comes equipped for keeping corals, but can also be used for freshwater fish.

The back wall chamber houses a 3-stage submersible filtration system that provides mechanical, biological, and chemical cleaning for your betta’s habitat. It also has an adjustable return nozzle for optimal flow.

Another unique feature of this aquarium is the hinged hood with a 24-hour timer that will mimic sunrise to sunset with bright LED white lights, and twinkling moonlight with the LED blue lights (along with color enhancing green and red lights). It will even gradually dim the lights (in both settings) to help further the true-to-nature experience.

It also features a sleek modern design that will look great in any space and measures 16.75 inches long by 12 inches wide by 17.5 inches high. 

The one issue some customers have voiced is the filtration system is difficult to manage and the intake holes may be too large for small fish. It is also a pricey unit in comparison to other aquarium kits. It also notes that it has temperature control, but not a specific heating source. 


  • 3-stage filtration
  • Sunrise to sunset/moonrise to moonset LED light options
  • Timer gradually dims lights
  • Hinged hood
  • Separate back compartment for filter


  • Pricey
  • Filtration intake holes may be too large for smaller fish
  • May or may not include a heater

Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit

Style meets function with the Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit. This modern sleek 5-gallon design has rounded corners and a clear sliding canopy, so you can admire your Betta from multiple angles. 

Don’t want to see the filtration system in your aquarium? This unit has a built-in “cubby” that keeps the advanced 3-way function filter tucked out of sight. 

Another great feature is the LED lights that mimic both shimmering sunlight and moonlight that are situated on a hinge above the tank for easy access. Your Betta and plants will think they are in nature!

The Marineland Portrait even has a built-in stand that slightly elevates the unit, adding to its overall aesthetics. This beautiful aquarium measures 9.625″ L x 9.625″ W x 17.2 ” H (with base). 

Even though this tank does have many great features, some customers have complained that the filtration unit may be too strong and the space provided for the unit proves to be difficult to clean. 


  • Sliding canopy for easy cleaning and feeding
  • White and blue LED lights to mimic both daylight and moonlight, which sits above the tank on a hinge
  • Seamless edges
  • Separate compartment for filter
  • 3-stage filtration system has an adjustable flow and is situated with suction cups


  • Does not come with a heater
  • Filter has a strong intake
  • Space, where the filter sits, may be difficult to clean

Tetra Curved Front Tank

This cute 5-gallon tank is a good choice for beginner aquarists, or for folks that just want to give their Betta buddy a more spacious habitat. The seamless, acrylic tank offers an unobstructed view of your fish and measures in at 15 inches by 9 inches by 11 inches, so it’s perfect for a child’s room, office space, or a tight corner. 

The LED lights are tucked away under a low-profile hood so you won’t have them taking up space or ruining your view of your Betta enjoying his new “digs.” Plus, the Tetra Whisper internal filter will help you keep this aquarium sparkling clean with a Bio-bag that catches large debris while pushing out clean filtered water. 

Some concerns with this unit is one the gap in the lid (meant for conveniently feeding fish) may be large enough for a Betta to jump through and the tank is made from acrylic, not glass, so it will be less durable. 


  • Unobstructed view of fish
  • Adjustable filter
  • Lights are in hood
  • Compact enough for smaller spaces
  • Good price point


  • Does not include a heater
  • Acrylic, not glass
  • Hood has a feeding vent that may be problematic for “jumping” fish

Aqueon LED Minibow Kit with SmartClean Technology

This cute aquarium is not only great for Betta fish, but it also comes equipped with the “SmartClean” technology. This innovative system allows you to simply swivel the arm attached to the filter outside the tank to quickly drain off the dirty water. Water changes can be done in about 2 minutes, so you’ll never have to waste a lot of time keeping your tank pristine.

The Aqueon LED Minibow Kit comes equipped with everything you need to get started (acrylic tank, LED hood, filter, small filter cartridge, sample food, booklet for setup, and water conditioner). All you need to add is the substrate, a small heater, decorations, and your happy Betta. 

The sleek design and elevated base give this unit a stylish appearance that would fit nicely into any small space, bedroom, or home office. Just be sure to follow the directions of assembling this tank and its features closely, as improper setup of the filtration system can lead to injury of your fish. 


  • SmartClean filter makes changing water a snap
  • Comes with everything you need (except a heater, substrate, and decorations)
  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Good price point


  • Assembly of filter must be done properly to ensure the health of the fish
  • Does not come with a heater

Life 15 Aquarium

If you think fish tanks can’t be stylish, then we challenge you to take a look at the Life 15 Aquarium and tell us this unit isn’t spectacular!

First off, the aquarium is made from tough acrylic molded into an ultra-modern design that will give a touch of class to any space. It also comes with a choice of three colors (black, white, or transparent) on the sides to help you get exactly what you’re looking for to fit your space.

The filtration system works from the bottom of the tank which utilizes five forms of filtration (biological, mechanical, chemical, water stabilization, and oxygenation), so partial water changes will be quick. The 4-gallon model can be equipped with an LED light; however, you will need to add a small aquarium heater for Betta fish.

This company also recommends using their substrate for best filtration and some customers do not appreciate the small opening at the top as it can make water changes more challenging. 


  • Sleek and stylish
  • Filtration system uses 5-modes and is located out of sight at the bottom of tank
  • Compact design has three different color choices
  • Bubbler in middle provides added oxygen


  • Made from acrylic
  • Does not have a heater included
  • Pricey
  • Small opening at top
  • BiOrb substrate recommended

Why Do Betta Fish Need a Tank? 

When we bring a fish into our home, we should aim at making its habitat as close to its natural environment as possible. But that is not easily accomplished in a small container.

Sure, the Betta species is considered a ‘labyrinth’ fish, meaning, they will take oxygen from the air, as well as from the water. However, this special organ does not mean they should have to live life in a cramped cup or container. We recommend a minimum of a 5-gallon tank that will provide your Betta the space he needs to swim, explore, and rest.

How to Choose the Best Betta Fish Tank 

Choosing the best Betta fish tank isn’t that difficult as long as you keep the needs of your fish in the forefront of your mind.

Remember, like any fish, your Betta needs enough room in his aquarium to accommodate these features; heater, filter, substrate, plants, and decoration. 

Tiny containers will not support a healthy environment and will require more work on your part to maintain. 

The following features should be added to the best Betta fish tank for the optimal health and well-being of your pet. 

Nice and Warm – Heaters

Bettas need a tank with an appropriately-sized heater to establish a consistent temperature of between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This is close to their natural habitat and will promote a healthy appetite and activity level.

Unless you opt for a large tank kit, most of the smaller units do not include a heater. Before you choose a Betta tank, be sure there will be room to add a heater. 

When selecting a heater for your Betta habitat, find one that will allow you to preset the temperature for what you need. These are usually more accurate and having the option to turn the heat up or down is handy when treating illnesses. Preset models are fine, but they do not allow for any wiggle room.

Some heaters also come with the option of placing it either horizontally or vertically, which can really save space in a smaller tank. 

Keep It Clean With a Filtration System

You will also want to include a low-flow, sponge filter to increase the water quality of your Betta environment, decreasing the amount of ammonia, nitrates, and overall impurities inside your aquarium. 

If your Betta kit comes with a filter, be sure that it is set to the lowest flow rate (Betta tend to get sucked into strong intakes which can lead to ripped or torn fins). 

If your Betta is hiding or avoiding the filter area, it may be too strong and you will want to either place a sponge over the intake or place a decoration or live plants in front of the area to help block and reduce the strong flow. 

Substrate – What’s on the Bottom Does Matter!

In the wild, Bettas live in areas with muddy or leaf-debris bottoms. However, this type of substrate is not really practical for the home aquarium. For that reason, we recommend aquarium gravel or sand. These are both good choices and will allow beneficial bacterias to grow, and live plants and decorations to be anchored properly. 

Gravel is the easiest to clean with an aquarium vacuum, but sand is an excellent substrate for live plants to bury their roots into. You may also want to add an Indian Almond leaf to your habitat. Bettas love the natural tannins that the leaf provides, but be aware that it will turn your water a darker color. 

We do not recommend marbles or glass “jewels” in your Betta tank. These look fun but are difficult to clean and difficult for your Betta to retrieve food that falls in between their large circumferences. 

Plants Are So Important!

Another important point to keep in mind when searching for the best Betta fish tank is having enough room to provide your fish with plenty of live plants. These are crucial for creating a natural habitat for your Betta. 

The good thing about live plants is they are more flexible than the plastic variety, they will not damage delicate fins, and will go anywhere in the tank. They also provide added oxygen to the environment and allow your fish to hide, hunt, and rest at ease. 

Good varieties to add to your Betta tank include;

  • Java Fern 
  • Marimo Moss Balls
  • Betta Bulb
  • Sword plant
  • Cryptocoryne
  • Water Sprite
  • DuckWeed (floating)

Plants are also important if you plan on breeding your Betta, as the taller or floating varieties provide an anchor for the bubble nest. 

Decor – Not Just for Show

Most Bettas enjoy hiding amongst plants and decorations, so choose a tank that provides ample room for something fun.

This species of fish enjoys swimming through and resting in decorations with holes; however, choose one that is smooth. Rough edges can rip and tear fins or cause injury to your betta’s body and face which could lead to more serious illnesses. 

Carefully inspect any decoration before you place it in your Betta’s tank. If there are rough areas, sand them down until they are smooth. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for bubbling or flaking paint as this can be toxic to your fish. 

Light Up His World

Lighting is also important to the well-being of the Betta, as well as the live plants we recommend you include in your aquarium. Providing a day/night schedule with LED lights will allow your fish to play and explore during the day and rest at night. 

Some tanks come with adjustable lights that mimic sunshine and moonlight (or you can buy the unit separately for this added feature). This is nice to have since it provides a more natural habitat for your Betta. 

The bright white light (sunshine) is also beneficial for the growth and well-being of live plants. Plus, the blue spectrum LED light gives the tank a beautiful glow and still allows your fish to navigate his surroundings. 

Some of the lighting units also come with a timer (or one may be added), so you never have to worry about providing the proper day/night cycle. 

Does Shape Matter?

Most Betta tends to hang around the bottom of the tank and go to the surface for food and to take a gulp of fresh air. So the shape of your aquarium may not matter so much to some Betta species.

However, if you are planning on housing a Crescent Betta (Betta Imbellis) this species likes to dwell in the middle to upper portions of the tank, so a rectangular one will allow more swimming area for this particular breed. 

Location, Location, Location

You will also want to take into consideration where you are going to place the aquarium. Any tank will need a stable stand, or table to support its weight. Never place your Betta in front of a heat source, or a window as this will change the temperature inside the tank and will also promote algae growth (which is difficult to control once it develops).

Just remember that you will need an electrical outlet to plug in all your “extras” and if you are placing it in a child’s bedroom, some filters can run a bit noisy, so if your child is a light sleeper, this could be an issue. 

If you have a larger tank that will require large water changes, be aware that putting it on a second floor may require you to haul water up and down the stairs (I have been performing this task with my 20-gallon, upstairs office aquarium for 9 years). 

Final thoughts on the Best Betta Fish Tank

We recommend housing your Betta fish in a properly setup aquarium. This not only provides him with a cleaner, healthier environment, but it also allows you to enjoy your fishy friend for years to come.

The aquariums I have reviewed will give your Betta room to swim and explore while adding style and beauty to your home or office space. They will also provide adequate space when adding in a heater, substrate, plants, and small decorations. 

Although these reviewed aquariums are a minimum of 5-gallons, you can also keep the Betta species in a larger tank with compatible tank mates. Just be sure to provide him with plenty of live plants and a decoration so he can establish a small territory to feel safe in. 

As with any product, be sure to do your own research and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when setting up your tank. We recommend cycling any new tank for at least a week to ensure all the features are working before you add in your Betta. 

Once your Betta is in the tank, keep an eye on him to ensure he is adjusting to his new habitat and that he is able to navigate around the filtration system and decorations you have added. 

Happy Betta keeping!